Human & Humanity


Being Human is structured
But, showing Humanity is an option!

Hey Human! Will you play?
Playing fairly, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will u share?
Sharing openly! is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will you give?
Giving heartedly, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will you love?
Loving confidently, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will you sacrifice?
Sacrificing truly, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Do you know?
knowing you innerly, is Humanity!

By: Zakia Hassan

The picture is very clear that we are born Humans without choice but yes, practicing Humanity is truly our choice to prove our existence as a creature called “Human”

Let me bring in another term “Origin”. This is really a huge term to be discussed as it gives birth to various various branches and fruits as well as its roots found in the layers of soil. In between is the visible growth of a seed to a fruit!

Hence, “Origin of Human”, is what needs to be understood to practice “Humanity”. Do I mean to make you understand Human Evolution by the term “Origin of Human”?……… A Big NO….!
Since, I believe that nothing in any universe can be useless or meaningless, and this is what my mind answered logically to my urging question!

Are we here to just live?
Are we here to just make families?
Are we here to just spread love?
Are we here to just worship our lord?
Are we here as messengers?
Are we herejus to be learned people?
Are we here to earn just prosperity?
Are we here for success?
Are we here to just sacrifice?
Are we here to help each other?
Are we here to explore the universes?
Are we here to just create history?
Are we here to know good or bad?
Are we here to just decipher the messages from our lord? OR
Are we here to see the Universes and appreciate its’ Creator?

Maybe answers to above all can solve this perplexed puzzle! Will the answers going to reveal “Humanity”?…………………….